The interior decoration of the apartments can be described using the keywords light and bright surfaces. The serene range of colours used throughout creates a cosy atmosphere in the apartment.
The apartments have high-quality interior wood veneer doors, the rooms and the kitchen have single-strip natural oak parquet flooring, and the floor in the hall is covered with a ceramic tile.
A bathroom with a window presents a value in itself to many people. The bathroom floor and part of the walls are covered with ceramic tiles, with the ceramic sanitary installations being fashionably white. The bathrooms are fitted with a designer towel dryer, a wash basin cabinet with a recessed washbasin, and a wall mirror.

The quickest home buyers still have a chance to have their say in the interior design. Plan your home purchase early. This guarantees that your new home will meet all of your wishes.

In addition to the space and bright layout, the apartments have modern energy solutions: forced ventilation with heat recovery, remotely-read meters, and water underfloor heating (district heating based) – all helping to ensure low utility costs.

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